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Xiaomi Mi R03 300MBs|2.4GHz|2 x Antenna Wi-Fi Range Extender – Black


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In stock

300 Mbps Wi-Fi
It creates a reliable and really fast network using the powerful 802.11n WiFi technology.

“Dead-Zone” Killer
When connected to your router wirelessly, it strengthens and expands the signal into areas where router can’t on its own.

2 External Antennas
2 External Antennas with advanced connection technology that allows you to ensure reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or office.

Up to 24 Devices
24 devices is the maximum connections recommended for better experience.

Easy Setup
Using Mi Home App, it’s very convenient to connect with a router. Meanwhile it’ simpler when the router is Mi router.

Flexible Placement
Once connected with a router, you can simply unplug and plug it back in a location for the best signal quality and coverage.

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